Discuss balancing family and work-life.

Need an research paper on balancing family and work-life. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Many professionals rank good healthcare as the most important benefit they are entitled to in any work, but as for women, they prefer flexible scheduling which would enable them to work from home and also to have good maternity leave policies. This way, they will be able to balance home life with the work-life. More so, both genders admit to deal with more stress at work than at home, but women experience more stress than men in both cases. Furthermore, research findings show that men are less likely to establish high importance on family life in determining success as opposed to women. The competing demands at home and at work have increased for both genders and studies show that almost half of working parents find it difficult and challenging to balance these demands. Therefore, in order to find the right balance between profession and parenthood, people need to focus on a plan and approach the situation in a more organized manner. This paper presents a very thoughtful discussion on balancing family and work life and how this affects the working environment.
Truly, having control of numerous and complex work and family roles is very stressful for many individuals as stress is caused by role strain and spillover. For instance, role strain happens when the responsibilities of a certain role interfere with the performance of other roles such as dealing with working for long hours and parenting. On the other hand, spillover occurs when conditions in a particular area of individuals’ lives affect them in another area like inflexible work hours can have a negative effect on family life. This kind of spillover refers to work to family conflict whereby, work negatively influences the family life of an individual (Van Veldhoven and Beijer, 2012). More so, family concerns like inequities in the division of housework and childcare, an unsupportive partner among others may impact negatively an individual’s work. The inability to balance work life with family life affects women as compared to men with many people developing a culture of impossible work-life balance especially for women (Zimmerman, 2002). Studies show that men and women have different levels of work-family conflict resulting from the unequal distribution of family duties (Zhao, Settles, and Sheng, 2011).
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