Discuss buddhism: way of life or religion

I need some assistance with these assignment. buddhism: way of life or religion Thank you in advance for the help! The age of the religion is around 2,500 years, when Siddhartha Gotama, no doubt understood as the Buddha, was himself enlightened at 35 years old (White, 1993). Really, it is called religion however it is additionally alluded to being logic – which is affection for intelligence. The fundamental points of Buddhism can be summed up as those that assistance to lead moral and equitable life, help to summon internal intelligence and create a comprehension of the reasons. Buddhism concentrates on bringing issues to light of own considerations, emotions and activities. Buddhism reveals motivation to live, it elucidates clear treachery and divergence around the world, and it gives a code of practice or way of life that prompts certified fulfillment. There are different sorts of Buddhism, in light of the way that the complement changes from country to country as a result of customs and society. What does not change is the exemplification of the teaching — the Dhamma or inherent truth.
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