Discuss building a group among a highly diverse workforce

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on building a group among a highly diverse workforce Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The group will be named ‘Wall Breaker’.
This proposal recognizes the fact that if the relationship between employees and the management is weak or conflict-ridden, it will eventually cause problems, inefficiencies, and poor performance. The group is thus designed to provide employees a chance to assemble and talk in a secure setting where issues about management can be talked about truthfully and openly.
Groups evolve through stages. Having accurate knowledge of these developmental stages can assist members of the group and leaders to formulate specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic objectives or goals. Tuckman (1965) had developed one of the most widely accepted group development theory (as cited in Trotzer, 1999, 83). He proposed that there are four stages of group development, namely, (1) forming, (2) storming, (3) norming, and (4) performing (Trotzer, 1999, 83). The first objective of the group—forming– is to encourage socialization among members and other employees in order to create appropriate activities and tasks and determine the issues, problems, and opportunities that they may face in trying to build a good relationship between the management and employees. The second objective—storming—is to effectively and permanently resolve any conflicts within the group. Since the group is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, it is highly likely that conflict will arise. Thus, in order to strengthen the group personal issues and conflicts among members must be resolved. The third objective—norming—is to learn from past errors in order to resolve any existing and/or future problems. In particular, the goal is to clearly specify the roles of each member and expected behavior inside and outside the group. The last objective—performing—is to accurately evaluate the performance of the group toward goal attainment.

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Members of the group will come from five different departments.
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