Discuss Causes of Clients Cardiovascular Problems and Skin Problems.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Causes of Clients Cardiovascular Problems and Skin Problems. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The reason of the cardiovascular problems in the first patient can be: Congenital heart disease (inborn defect in the heart structure). Heart failure (decreasing in the heart ability to maintain normal cardiac output). Arrhythmias (violation in synchronized heart rhythm). Hypertension (increased blood pressure). Coronary heart disease (damage in the blood vessels that supplies the heart itself). Cerebrovascular disease (defects in the work of blood vessels that supplies the brain).Peripheral artery disease (suppression of blood supplying of arms and legs). Rheumatic heart disease (injury in the heart muscle and heart valves ). Aortic aneurysm (weakening of the aortic wall). Atherosclerosis (enlargement and thickening of blood vessels wall). Procedures that can perform: electrocardiogram (assess of heart rhythm). echocardiogram (analyses of the heart muscle and valves work), computed tomography (screening of heart, pericardium and main blood vessels work).
Skin problems in the second patient can be affected by Lupus (autoimmune disease, rash on the skin). Acne (pimples on the head, neck, back, shoulders). Psoriasis (sore and itchy patches on the face, feet,back). Rosacea (redness and pimples on the skin). Vitiligo ( autoimmune disease, white patches on the face ). Herpes stomatitis (infection disease cause ulcers). Dermatomyositis(weakening of the muscles,rush on the skin ). Eczema (skin swelling). Molluscum contagiosum ( viral skin infection).
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