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Maksim is able to find hidden objects even if the hiding place is changed, in accordance with the information processing theory which states that children improve their cognitive abilities such as memory as they grow older (Feldman 225). At 15 months, Maksim is dropping objects into the water at certain depths and observing how they float back up, just as explained in the Piagetian theory in terms of attaining object permanence.2. Analyze your baby’s temperament in more detail at 19 months than you did at 8 months.
How would you describe your baby in terms of the five aspects of temperament utilized by the Virtual Child program (activity, sociability, emotionality, aggressiveness vs. cooperativeness, and self-control)? Has your child’s temperament been stable over the first 18 months? A blurb defining and providing examples of the five aspects of temperament is provided at 12 months, but you should seek out further explanations of temperament from your textbook. Explain how the concept of goodness of fit (also discussed in the blurb on infant temperament) applies to your interactions with your child.

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From 8 months, Maksim would readily accept to be held by strangers and by 19 months old he was very social, as exhibited in his interaction with a specialist where he made good eye contact. In terms of activity, Maksim is able to model the specialist’s block tower, solve picture puzzles, and color within lines. Although Maksim does not exhibit much aggression except when another child tried snatching his toys away from him, he is a bit emotional and becomes irritable and impatient when things do not go his way during the play session.
Generally, Maksim is an easy baby in terms of temperament as he has a generally positive attitude, is always curious, and has moderate emotions (Feldman 186). As such, in response to the goodness-of-fit approach, we as the parents need to try and engage Maksim in interesting activities for longer in order to prepare him for pre-school&nbsp.activities.&nbsp.
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