Discuss code-switching among students in the uk.

Write 15 pages thesis on the topic code-switching among students in the uk. This paper has been a pilot study to investigate the code-switching between English and Arabic among the Kuwaiti students in the utterances and construction level in the speech.The respondents of this study were undergraduate and postgraduate Kuwaiti students, studying in one of the UK universities programmes of both genders in different ages. The target population were from different universities, majors, and social status. The graph shows the results of the analysis. Most of the respondents do not find it a reason to code switch from Arabic to English because they want to raise audience and interest of what they are talking about with about 40 per cent said they slightly agree. There was about 25 per cent of those who disagree slightly with this fact while about 15 per cent strongly disagree. The first language of the target and sample population is Arabic, and second language is English where most of them have learned it as a compulsory subject at the age of six in the state schools or earlier if they were in private schools. The quantitative method was used in this research. This was aimed at providing data for meeting the objectives of the study.
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