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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Communications Plan. Finally, we work towards representing and advocating for the EHBJ and its various programs by offering leadership direction and maintaining professional relations with faculty members, students, alumni, and professional constituents (Thomas, 1997).
Our primary communication objective is to represent and advocate for the EHBJ and its various programs by creating awareness to the target audience on the programs offered by the faculty. Also, we intend to use communication as a tool in seeking to promote and implement the faculty development initiatives by persuading all the target audiences to actively participate in such forums. Furthermore, we plan to embark on a planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding and goodwill between EHBJ and its various publics, through advocacy, persuasion, and creating awareness. By establishing and maintaining mutual understanding and goodwill between EHBJ and its various stakeholders, our final goal is to improve and maintain the reputation of all the programs offered by EHBJ, and serve the needs of the local communities (Thomas, 1997).
The idea of coming up with this communications outreach plan is informed by identifying all the areas that have been overlooked by the EHBJ and come up with ways of improving them. In order to safeguard the reputation of EHBJ, we need to channel our efforts and resources to the most relevant and urgent areas. As the dean, I have tirelessly worked for the last five years to achieve the goal of enhancing our reputation. However, there have been some complaints emanating from both the faculty and the departmental heads, stating that my efforts have for all these years been misdirected. In addition, these members advise me not to focus on external affairs. It is from the above-stated reasons that there is an urgent need for coming up with an outreach program to identify some of the areas that have been overlooked by the faculty, and the best ways that they can be dealt with in terms of time and resources (Bernoff, 2011).

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