Discuss discipline in the public schools

I need some assistance with these assignment. discipline in the public schools Thank you in advance for the help! The case was tried at Supreme Court, and the Tinker family won the case. The Supreme Court gave the ruling that the school official does not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate”&nbsp.(TINKER vs DES MOINES DISTRICT SCHOOL). However, the Court further added that the right to freedom of choice must be maintained within limits. It should not in any way disturb class activity or invade the rights of others. This case’s impact had been huge for the next years, and many times the Tinker reference was used in courts. One such instance was when the school suspended Mathew Fraser of Bethel High School for giving a speech containing sexual innuendos. The Court, however, favored the school, and the suspension has upheld a speech containing sexual innuendos. The Court remarked that it was fair for the school to suspend the student using vulgar language within school boundaries.&nbsp.(Jacobs)
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