Discuss effects of the key discoveries in science since 1800.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on effects of the key discoveries in science since 1800. The paper will seek to investigate the effects of three scientific discoveries on the world. These are the discovery of practical electricity generation by Alessandro Volta in 1800, the discovery of the neutron by Professor James Chadwick in 1932, and the discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells by Dr Shinya Yamanaka in 2007.
Alessandro Volta was credited for the creation of the voltaic pile in the year 1800, which led him to discover the first practical way to generate electric current. According to Schlesinger (2010), this discovery also led to Volta’s later discoveries in pneumatics, meteorology, and electrostatics. This discovery had a worldwide impact since it allowed for the invention of the battery and electrophorus, which are crucial in the powering and construction of mobile devices that today’s society is so dependant. In fact, so important was the discovery that the basic unit of electromotive force produced by batteries, or the volt, is named after him. Volta’s invention of the voltaic pile, which came later to be referred to as the battery, was crucial in later inventions of the capacitor, which enables the working of most electrical devices. The electric battery created by Alessandro Volta was one of the most important discoveries of the 19th century and has had widespread use in later centuries. According to Piccolino & Bresadola (2013), the battery enabled scientists to come up with new ideas in the electric field, which set off for the second time an electrical era.
Today, Hurst et al. (2012) contend, batteries have become inseparable with various fields, including transportation, entertainment, medical science, and in the home. In the home, for example, people utilize batteries for their computers, iPods, iPods, electronic games, radios, as well as watches, all on a regular basis.

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