Discuss : Erection and Construction Procedure.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Erection and Construction Procedure. The scope of the study lies within the establishment of the causes of accidents in the construction industry. As researches have shown, many workers have died and others left injured when the structures they are constructing collapse or shift. Many of the constructions today, be it bridges, houses, or even tunnels, are characterized by pressure due to the time limit and financial constraints.
The principal purpose or the objective of this study is to establish the driving forces behind collapses and shifts in the structures. It seeks to establish the recommended procedures for the construction of various structures and the guidelines provided to ensure the safety of the workers. The intent of this paper is to give a clear procedure of how structures are supposed to be built right from the design stage up to the completion stage. The paper also intends to explore the regulations governing the construction industry in Britain. The paper also seeks to explain various logistics put in place by various organizations concerned with the safety and health of the workers.
It is essential to note from the onset that the initial step of any construction work is the design. Design of construction work is the act of creating a new facility which is represented by a series of steps and specifications. The series of steps explains the activities and materials required for the whole construction. The engineers and architects who are involved in the design and the planning process must well be aware of what the project requires, and they must be an experienced team. During this design stage, the engineers designing any structure must give a list or a breakdown of materials required for the purpose of undertaking the whole project (Pallotta 169). The process of designing has to be completed before the process of erection begins. The process of undertaking any construction project requires all the parties to work in unison and cooperation.

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Any construction project is subject to extensive regulation within the framework of Health and Safety at work which must be adhered to.&nbsp.
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