Discuss Evaluation of a Forensic Psychological Report.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Evaluation of a Forensic Psychological Report. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This referral determined that Mr.Smith, the offender, was low risk in engaging in future criminal activities by engaging in programs such as alcohol anonymous AA, educational units and currently taking 3matyh units and also worked in a work for pay position to elevate his antisocial behavior as stated in the psychological report (Great Britain & Great Britain, 2008). He also joined a group therapy, was an active member and stated his interest in continuing the therapy if granted parole on the outside. This saw Mr. Smith moved from the behavioral unit BHU and general population unit GPU.
This report was originally used in order to evaluate Mr. Smith’s ability to be granted parole. It was done by psychologistJaneDoe having taken over the previous report from Jennifer common, PhD and john person PhD. This report was done based on previous reports on Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith appeared to have engaged in all of the previously mentioned recommendations as evidenced by him and the reports and staff from the correctional departments.
This report can be used in various capacities. This report can be used by other professionals in the future. This report can be used by a lawyer in casings Mr. Smith is to violate his parole or commit another offense in the future. The report can also be used by other psychologists to evaluate other inmates who want parole in that it would assist them in knowing what to evaluate and recommend in such cases. Finally, this report can be used in a lecture class in a law school by a professor or lecturer to evaluate and lecture students who aspire to be future lawmakers on how to handle criminals and change them when granting parole and such kind of situations.

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This report is of high quality and it is also excellently written thus readable. As evident from the report, the organization of information gives the report the quality it oozes. This is seen with the beginning of the report where the psychologist introduces herself, then introduces her client, his&nbsp.birth date, marital status, interview date and other information that can be used in future reference.
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