Discuss Families: What Are They.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Families: What Are They. It needs to be at least 2750 words. Anthropologists define family by a culture’s biological and marital kinship rules and patterns of reciprocal obligations. Different cultures have different definitions of biological and marital kin, and the obligations kin have to one another. Some cultures use the father’s biological line, or the mother’s or both. Kinship obligations, too, end at different levels for different cultures. As examples, Diem says that brothers, sisters, and cousins are distinct in the American culture but not so in African societies. From the point of view of structure-functionalists, families are defined by the needs of the greater society. The definition of family changes when society’s needs change. Examples include those when greater society needs rapid population growth such as after a time of war when procreation is emphasized, as against a period of overpopulation when childless couples are supported. For institutionalists, a family is the “traditional,” biological, procreative and child-rearing structure. For interactionists, the definition is based on the assumption of family-related role behaviors. For economists, the family is a production and consumption unit, thus defining a household slave in an African or Arabian household or the indentured servant in an early-American household as part of the family.
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