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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Flexible Citation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Flexible Citation This article examines three reference sources which I used in my previous research essays about Griselda Blanco de Trujillo and women in the drug trafficking business.
Ethan Brown of Maxim magazine does not acknowledge any sources in his articles about Griselda Brown, either formally or informally. The writer does not use any formal citation method and the paragraphs seem to just flow with the story rather than follow a particular distinct pattern. Many magazine columnists tend to follow this writing approach by assuming that interested readers will definitely find many sources by searching certain topics on the web. This approach is effective to some extend since majority of the readers are not very keen on the citations.
In his article “Godmother of cocaine gunned down in Colombia”, Lee Ferran of ABC news does acknowledge all his sources. He does it in an informal but effective way by using both hyperlinks and mentioning his sources in sentences. Lee must have been aware of the consequences of plagiarizing material hence using this approach. This approach saves a lot of space as well since there is no need for a bibliography. The method is effective in the sense that many readers prefer to click on a link than go through a bibliography and type long URL’s in their browser.

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Another writer who does not cite or acknowledge her sources is Hariette Surovell in her article “Queenpins of the Cali Cartel”. The article does not conform to any specific citation technique as well. It looks more of a blog post thus explaining why Harriet did not follow any citation technique. This technique is in a way effective since at the end of the post Harriet states that she is from the U.S library of congress. This maybe explains her source of information.
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