Discuss Gay Marriage.

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Gay Marriage. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Marvin Suggs Jeanine Callaway Eng1114142 March 22, Gay Marriages The United s of America was founded under the principles of unity and equality for all. Should the term “equality” apply to American citizens discriminatively? Should the law undermine its own citizens because of their likes and interests? A part of the American citizens is pro-gay marriages. The American constitution does not give a clear guideline on the definition of marriage. Thus, there have been suggestions for the amendments to take place. Several states, including Ohio, have collected signatures to change the definitions. Gay marriage in the United States should be legal because it will prevent discrimination, encourage tolerance, and allow gay couples the legal rights only afforded through marriage.
Acceptance of gay marriage prevents discrimination. It is evident gay marriages prevents discrimination. The republicans argue that it will be way of promoting peace and free movement. According to, McCOMBS, he argues that, “support of gay marriages will incorporate the Republican tradition of being liberal.” Former president Reagan advocated for freedom of all citizens. The constitution allows all mature people to do whatever makes them happy, provided they do not break the rules. The acceptance will discourage discrimination.
Allowing gay marriages encourages tolerance of one another. The government should allow Gay marriages to promote its will of freedom for all. Furthermore, allowing gay marriages will encourage tolerance for one another. There are many groups of people in America, with different ideologies. People are different according to their political organisations, religious affiliations, and their geographical location. Gay marriages will unite all these groups. They will have tolerance towards each other despite their differences. Many Americans support gay marriages. Majority of them understand the advantages of gay marriages. To unite all Americans, and promote tolerance, the government should legalise gay marriages. The gays in America will be receiving gay benefits often. The federal benefits will be an economic benefit to the gays. They will live a high standard life without financial instability. It will bring tolerance in the religious sector. A Jew and a Roman Catholic will correlate well if they are both gays. The same could happen between a Muslim and a Christian. There would be no religious differences. Moreover, there would be tolerance between the white and the black races. There would be no tensions between different races. Promoting tolerance between various groups of people would enhance national unity.
Gay marriages will provide gay couples with the rights only afforded through marriage. There are certain rights only reserved to the married couples. The rights prevent infidelity and sexual immorality. Furthermore, there will be the reduction of sexually transmitted diseases. The couples in the gay marriage will be practising a constitutional requirement of marriage. It will be illegal for the couples to sell their bodies to other gay partners. Marriage is important in preventing gay prostitution. In the end, there would be good behavioural tolerance. The young children will have something to learn. Legalising gay marriages will promote the marriage institution and promote unity.
From the discussion, it is evident that legalising gay marriages will prevent discrimination, encourage tolerance, and allow gay couples the legal rights only afforded through marriage. The effect would be a more united country that respects one anothers beliefs and civil rights.
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