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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic gender and sexuality. Ava is a character that impersonates women and men. Butler bases her argument on drag as a way of showing that the existence of natural gender is false. Butler’s view of gender identity has been demonstrated by many performative acts leading to the development of gender and queer studies. Butler emphasizes gender as what one does as opposed to what one is. According to Butler, the things that constitute gender abide with equivalence to performative acts within the theatre.
Butler in her article on gender trouble argues that both sex and gender are constructed as opposed to the common belief that sex is biological and gender is cultural. Butler disagrees with Simone Beauvoir and Irigaray that the female gender is in need of representation from men. Butler further argues that gender is performative and there is no identity that exists in those acts that are performed as an expression of gender. This then questions the existence of the male and female genders in terms of culturally drafted roles. Women have been looked at as the weaker sex and carry certain roles in society. Butler is trying to show that these roles are self-made and in reality, they do not exist. She is telling us to redefine these roles and undo gender (Butler,1990).
Ava Coo acts as a drag queen on stage. Butler views this character as a way of denaturalizing gender ideology. The audience, therefore, sees gender in a new light. It is portrayed as a representation. In Phyllis Naggy’s play called Weldon Rising, the character Marcel who is a man comes on stage dressed as a woman. He wears platform shoes and a dress. Phyllis emphasizes on her stage directions that Marcel is male. The audience is able to see the natural body of the man and the role which has been constructed as gender portrayed in Marcel. Ava in the attempt to confuse gender compliments Butler’s scope. She is neither male nor female but she is just in between. She does not identify herself with gender but explores it by being a drag queen (Naggy,1998).&nbsp.

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