Discuss Global, not Western, Feminism: Localizing Global Feminist Values and Actions.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Global, not Western, Feminism: Localizing Global Feminist Values and Actions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Nowadays, global feminism seeks to be more inclusive, in order to form alliances that promote “universal sisterhood” that can build a more humane and unified world. Feminism shows the tension between the local and the global by showing the differences in particular struggles and advocacies, which are made complicated by differences in social, economic, political, and cultural experiences, values, and priority goals, although global feminism provides tools that seek to address common feminist interests by analyzes intersectionality in feminist ideology and ethics and universalizing feminist issues for the creation of a humane and united international community.
Local and global feminist movements show tension because of diversity in particular goals due to contextual divergences. Basu argues that the local and the global movements of feminism are in conflict when they have different primary goals because of social, political, economic, and cultural differences. An example is the feminist movement in India that emphasizes the economic and materialist needs of women because of widespread feminized poverty and sexual violence experienced in their country (Basu 440). The Self-Employed Women’s Association in Gujarat, for instance, organized women to fight against low wages, dismal working conditions, and absence of access to needed credit lines (Basu 440). These concerns are within global feminism, although economic needs are not always the main or only focus of their advocacies. Furthermore, the feminist movement in India seeks to transform the Indian state by linking political and women’s issues. Indian feminists want to lobby for laws that protect women from sexual violence and cultural practices that socially justify women’s oppression, while also&nbsp.demanding reserved Parliamentary seats for women to promote and ensure greater political participation (Basu 441).&nbsp.Indian feminism asserts state transformation as part of gender equality. Moreover, as global feminism focuses on human rights in general, it may be clouding stronger local values and practices.&nbsp.
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