Discuss gods: the god archetype across cultures.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic gods: the god archetype across cultures. The world today has individuals of strong identification with a particular ‘god’ or ‘goddess’, an aspect contributed to by the fact that such individuals resonate fully with the archetype, which such gods or goddesses represent. An archetype is ideally a symbol to which individual access through imaginations and remains the core players in such aspects. In most instances, archetypes refer to certain ideas and concepts personified in human nature and followed by certain individuals who have similar beliefs in the personified idea or concept. Considering the significance of archetypes in the current societies, this paper seeks to establish a better understanding of the role that archetypes play in the different societies and the effects associated with the interaction between members of the different cultures and societies and the archetypes.&nbsp.
From different societal perspectives, gods have different roles that they play in such societies. For a better understanding of the role of gods in the different societies fully, first, it is important to determine the differences that exist between god and men of a particular society. Evidently, the major difference is the immortality aspect between gods and men (Masih, 2000). Critically, most gods in the current world differ significantly from Christianity believes, most especially because most gods never participated in the creation of the world as believed by most Christians. Despite such a difference, the gods in different cultures still have roles to play in societies and to humans. God functions as the creator and giver of life, whereas the other ‘gods’ have varied roles depending on the particular aspect it stands for such as rain, food, and calamities among others. Worshipping and believing in God enhances the faith and trust of the believer towards God, an aspect that is indeed contrary to the aspect of gods, which involves increased sacrifices from a believer in them (Wilson, 2008).
Each tradition has a different god or gods that perform different functions and roles to their believers.

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