Discuss hotel reservation management system.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses hotel reservation management system. The major UML diagrams are:
1) Use Case Diagram: This represents the system as a group of Actors and Use Cases. Here, actors are the people or external entities that use the system. Each action an actor can perform is called a use case.
2) Class Diagram: A system can be segregated as a group of classes. Each class is an independent logical unit in the system. Classes have relationships such as direct dependency, aggregation, generalization etc depending on how the classes interact together.

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3) Sequence Diagram: Sequence diagrams represent a system’s behavior over a time series.
4) State Chart Diagram: This diagram is used to represent the different states a system transitions into.
5) Activity Diagram: As the name represents, this diagram is used to represent the system as a series of activities and actions.
The series of activities for booking a hotel room end to end are as follows:
a) Customer places a call to the receptionist.
b) Receptionist greets and takes customer’s demographic information.
c) Receptionist takes the dates for which the room is required.
d) Receptionist takes the room requirements.
e) Receptionist checks for availability of customer’s specific rooms for the dates mentioned:
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.- If room is unavailable, Receptionist suggests alternative date / room combination.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.- If customer is not satisfied, the order process is terminated.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.- If customer is satisfied, then proceed.
f) Once customer is satisfied, the receptionist prepares the bill:
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.- If price is not agreeable to customer, Receptionist suggests other alternatives.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.- If customer is not satisfied, the order process is terminated.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.- If customer is satisfied, then proceed.
g) Once the customer is satisfied, receptionist books the room.
h) Customer is invoiced.
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