Discuss Information Technology for Management Efficiency.

I will pay for the following article Information Technology for Management Efficiency. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Projects can broadly be defined as specific time-bound work with specific objectives and goals. budget. and resources (Reynolds, 2010). Project management helps provide the tools to achieve project goals through a well-planned strategy. It normally encompasses essential steps like feasibility study of the project. project development. production and implementation process. monitoring and control mechanisms. and successful completion that leads to the smooth running of the project. Thus, effective management of the project is critical to the successful delivery of its goals and objectives within the limited resources of time, budget, and human capital.
The Project Manager helps coordinate the various team issues of the project, which are a vital part of project dynamics that facilitate wider understanding and promote improvement and improvisation of the process to achieve project goals and objectives more efficiently. ‘Access to information represents the basic precondition for the success of a firm’ (Drucker, 1998). The access to information becomes vital to only promote the efficient and knowledge-based discharge of duties by the team but also a great tool for the management to exploit the available information to improve its performance. Hence, Information System Development helps in storing and manipulating strategic business information that is designed to improve the overall business prospects.
The proficiency in using computers greatly facilitates the project manager to tacitly exploit data to identify the risks and shortcomings so that they can be addressed timely. When the IT system is introduced, training on the use of hardware and software becomes an intrinsic part of the implementation. Barton emphasizes that ‘hands-on real-time interaction with the new system… with a more broad-based understanding of the flow of information through the system’ is needed (Barton, 2001).

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