Discuss interview with director of an early education.

Compose a 250 words assignment on interview with director of an early education. Needs to be plagiarism free! Director’s Interview The person interviewed was the Director of an Early Education and Care Program that caters to infants and toddlers enrolled in the program. Presently, there are 38 children enrolled at the center. The school employs six full time staff, three substitute teachers plus a floater teacher to assist the other teachers.
During the course of the interview, it can be inferred that being the Director of such program means a lot of hard work since the person puts in no less than 50 hours of workweek. The Director was very frank and honest since she answered all my questions without hesitation. The Director has a very hectic and demanding schedule which can only be addressed by proper time management and setting of priorities. She is in charge of the whole operations except accreditation and fund raising concerns. Although the demands of the job are challenging, the Director feels that her work is meaningful since the program enables families to pursue their needs. Her fulfillment comes from seeing children who are happily involved in the program.
I was quite surprised to learn that the Director experiences challenges not from procedures but from the staff itself. It takes a great deal of motivation to make the staff meet deadlines and see things in a positive way. Her policy is not to intervene in conflicts as much as she can so the staff can harmoniously resolve conflicts amongst them. The rules and policies allow her to guide her staff. I admire her leadership skills especially her belief that a good leader cannot please everybody. The Director is also a very optimistic person since she believes that everything is a work in progress. Indeed, it takes a strong but compassionate leader to handle a position such as hers.

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