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Need an research paper on jane austen. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Most critique regards Jane Austin as a writer of pure novels concentrating upon human beings and their mutual relations. The writer of pure novels delights us by attention to the formal qualities of composition of design and subordination. She is a sophisticated artist working on a trivial subject is a common criticism against her.
Emma is a novel of character and of character alone and of one domineering character in particular Emma Woodhouse . Emma is a young woman with acute sense of the divisions of social rank in the town of Highbury where her own family is the first in consequence and large in fortune. The theme of the novel is the heroin’s emergence at the end of the story to see society in true perspective. She endures a private purgatory of same and regret at her behavior and outlook. Emma is treated throughout with irony and Emma is really a heroine wit all possible failing but innately honest.
Northanger Abbey is a novel consisting of two parts effectively wielded into one. The bath scenes show the entrance of Catherine into a world of realities. But later in Northanger Abbey the novel takes the style of a Gothic novel. The novel very effectively presents the theme of reality and illusion, the importance of knowing . The author very consciously reminds us the slow transition of the heroine from illusion to reality.

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Education, in its broad sense, is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, personality and character of a person . The transmission of knowledge at any level and of any kind is valuable and it is a fact that we transmit the acquired knowledge at any time. Some such kind of education though informal parts great role in moulding our character and also brings change in our life according to the circumstances.
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