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Need an research paper on marketingmarketing mix: budweiser. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Strengths
One of the company’s greatest strengths is its unique name and product branding and packaging. From the catchy name to the unique bottle, Budweiser has made its clientele keep coming back for more.
The taste offers appeals to most people, across different age brackets, gender, race, and location.

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The so-called Budweiser trademark dispute where three companies stake claim to the name “Budweiser.” Not only does it add confusion to the general public, but it also varies the product taste and packaging.
Its “drinkability campaign” has received mixed reactions from critics. Due to its outrageous commercial campaign, at some point, they have lost their ability to differentiate their brand.
Some find their current ad campaign as boring.
Its current competitive edge may bring about an opportunity for the company to introduce a different product bearing the same brand name “Budweiser.”
An outrageous ad campaign may signify a decrease in its number of beer patrons.
Different tastes of different “Budweiser” companies may allow unfair taste comparisons and eventual decrease in market share.
Despite the aforementioned weaknesses and threats, Budweiser continues to have a competitive advantage over other brands due to its stand out product name, label, and packaging. Furthermore, “sin” products such as alcoholic beverages maintain a competitive edge over other beverages despite outrageous ad campaigns and continuous government warnings. It may or may not have an agreeable marketing strategy. Nevertheless, the product name says it all. The name Budweiser has given another denotative meaning to beer, or to make it concrete – Budweiser has made itself synonymously identified to beer.
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