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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Micro Hydropower Plant. Your paper should be a minimum of 4250 words in length. Better power plants whether small or medium should have certain characteristics some of which include, higher efficiencies, greater operating performance, and better maintainability. Similar considerations have been put in place for medium power plants as well. They use the combined cycles for higher efficiencies.
The efficiencies of power plants are affected by higher temperatures and an increase in water temperatures. Any system disturbance may cause the operation of any power plant to slow down. The subsystems are monitored to ensure that there is smooth operation, which results in a larger output of power. This reduces environmental pollution as well. &nbsp.A coordinated system of control is put in place in order to facilitate all these principles. The system is to coordinate the operation of the subsystems of the power plant in order to obtain the optimal required output. Production of electricity from hydropower remains the first renewable source that is used to generate electricity. Most of the hydro plants have relatively small storage capabilities. The power is only produced by the turbine when there is a flow of water and the generation ceases when the flow falls below some recommended value.
The hydropower scheme is used to convert the potential to the electrical energy of a mass of water that flows in a stream. The power produced is directly proportional to the head and the water flow rate. The schemes are classified as high head having over 100m, medium head ranging from 30-100m, and low head ranging from 2-30 m. The schemes can be classified as, run-of-river, those having powerhouse located at the base, and the ones integrated on the canal (Fox, McDonald and Pritchard 2004).

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The choice of the type of turbine, size of the turbine, and speed of the turbine are considered based on the maximum flow rate of water and the net head determined by where the turbine is installed.&nbsp.&nbsp.
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