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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses my christian worldview. Although other belief systems may differ significantly from Christian Theism, it is worth looking at the Christian worldview of life, human beings, right and wrong, human history, cosmos, and death in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the Christian worldview.
According to the Bible, the prime reality is the omnipresent and infinite God who watches over the world from the high heavens. God is not only infinite, but also he is also personal in the sense that he communicates with man through prayers and he is an omniscient God. As revealed in the Holy Scriptures, God is the creator of the heavens and the earth, meaning that he has control over the entire universe (Ekstrand, 2008). No other place can one learn about the triune God except by reading the Holy Scriptures because he reveals himself to humans through the Bible. Owing to His transcendent nature, God is sovereign over all matter and living things and he uses his power for the goof of all. In essence, the Goodness of God is means to save humankind from his sins that have been deeply rooted in man since the days of Adam. Christianity takes the belief that only one omnipotent God exists and Hi works closely with His Angels for the good of all human beings. It implies that God ranks humankind above all other living and non-living things within the cosmos (Edwards, 2010).&nbsp.
When it comes to the nature of external reality, Deism and naturalism agree to some extent with the Christian worldview that God created the cosmos. Perhaps the major differences surface among various theisms when one analyzes the motive of God in creating the open space. As for Christianity, God created the universe out of nothing, meaning that he created the cosmos ‘ex nihilo.

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