Discuss Network Access Protocols, Data Delivery.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Network Access Protocols, Data Delivery. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. HTTP is usually implemented as one of the applications, for both x-stream server software and the client. This HTTP protocol, to govern the way messages are transported between the x-stream server and the client, relies on other protocols. (Hall, 2000)
The transport protocol, which manages individual conversation between the x-stream servers and client, is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). It divides the messages of HTTP into smaller pieces, which are called segments. These segments are sent by the x-stream servers to the destination clients. TCP also controls the rate and size at which the x-stream server exchanges messages with the clients. (Hall, 2000)
The Internet Protocol is a common internetwork protocol, which is used in x-stream. It takes the formatted segments from the TCP, to encapsulate them into packets, assigns the correct addresses and chooses the best path to get to the destination host. (Forouzan & Fegan, 2006)

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Physical data transmission on the media and data link management is the two primary functions, which are described by the network access protocols. Packets are taken from IP and are formatted by data-link management protocols to be transferred over the media (Gaffin, 2007). The way signals are transmitted over the media and the way they are implemented by clients governed by the protocols and standards for the physical media. The appropriate standards for the media being used are implemented by the transceivers on the network interface cards.
This model explains the processes of segmenting, encoding, and formatting and encapsulates data for transmission via a network. A data stream, which is sent to a destination, from a source, can be segregated into pieces and enclosed in messages travelling to other destinations from other hosts. At any given time, billions of such pieces of information travel over a network.&nbsp.
Getting to the appropriate destination each piece of data containing enough identifying information is very critical. To successfully transfer the data to the appropriate destination application that runs on another host, from a source application running on one host, there must be various types of addresses, which must be included. Using this model, various addresses and identifiers, which are important at every layer, can be seen.
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