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Write a 8 pages paper on take-home exam for non-violent communication class. NVC notes that feelings can involve emotional and sensational perspectives. Such emotional orientation is integral in orienting the state of mind of a given individual. Indeed, various psychological studies are indicative that feelings give rise to emotions.
c. The world is a complex association of individuals with different orientations and preferences in life. As such, what may please one person may not be appealing to another person. To this end, openness is an integral requirement for inclusive systems. Through the expression of faux feelings, however, people tend to hide their true feelings and thoughts on various issues. As a result, the persons with whom they interact may continue to do that which is not pleasant to them. For instance, one may be angered by another person’s character of meddling in their businesses, especially private life. However, they may try to hide such feelings. As a result, their counterparts would not be able to realize their wrong-doings. This may hamper peaceful co-existence between the two parties. In addition, NVC notes that pseudo feelings are rather judgmental and though-oriented. As such, they may not be a reflection of what one truly feels, but a manifestation of their judgments and beliefs.
a. Diagnosis. this involves attempts to critically evaluate conversations, a prospect which leads to a judgmental and comparative approach to communication. This may culminate into criticism of other persons’ views on discussion or communication subjects. Using such languages that judge the credentials of other people has proven a great factor in disconnecting communications. For instance, telling a person that they are lazy as opposed to informing them on what is expected of them may disconnect a conversation. The reality may be that the person is not lazy, but simply lack what to do

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b. Denial of Responsibility. in many instances, people partake actions and express feelings for which they do not which to&nbsp.assume responsibilities. According to NVC, feelings are an expression of the level to which a person’s specific needs have been met.
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