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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Organization (Mod 3 SLP PoM). Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Organization (Mod 3 SLP PoM) Introduction In this age, maximum extent of the organizations desire to attain high performance so as to enhance its brand image and reputation in the market. However, in order to do so, maximum extent of the entrepreneurs, operating in ay segments desire to offer high concentration over the concept of ‘organizing’. This is because it helps an individual or an entrepreneur to attain its objectives or goals thereby reducing the rate of pitfalls. Due to such reasons, this concept is highly preferred by the entrepreneurs in this age of competitiveness and high bargaining power.
This essay includes three parts mainly highlighting the importance of organizing within a military contracting organization, named Northbridge Services Group. Along with this, it also includes the role played by various elements like work specialization, departmentalization, chain of command, span of control and centralization or decentralization of organizing in different organizational structures.

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What is organizing?
Organizing is described as a procedure which includes vivid planning and scheduling of varied ideas and information in order to reduce the negative impacts and to enhance the success of the plan or strategy like restructuring or alliance or others. The concept of organizing is used so that the plan or strategy gets accepted by all the employees thereby enhancing its scope of success (Vlasic, 2013). Thus, it is extremely essential for any organization, operating in any segment. Likewise, the concept of organizing is also essential for a military contracting company named Northbridge Services Group, as it offers varied types of services like advices, trainings, operational and intelligent support and many others to governments, multi-national corporations and many others. So, for them, organizing is extremely essential in order to offer their services appropriately that may enhance their level of standards and brand value (Higgins & Green, 2012).
Hence, organizing helps in proper functioning of an organization thereby amplifying its reliability and prospects in the market.
Role played by organizing in organizational design
Organizational design is described as the structure of an organization. It varies from one organization to another like simple, hierarchical, matrix and many others. On the basis of the structure of the organization, the roles and responsibilities of the employees are delegated. Like, the organization of Northbridge Services Group comprises of a simple structure. In this type of structure, maximum extent of the decisions is taken by the high level authorities of the organization. Along with this, grouping of job responsibilities (decentralization), work specialization or job distribution, unity of command or reporting authority, span of control and many others is decided by the CEO of Northbridge Services Group, Mr. Robert W. Kovacic, Lieutenant-Colonel. Not only this, all sort of human resource related problems like compensation, promotion, appraisal, job allocations, job –rotations etc are also managed and controlled by Mr. Robert W. Kovacic. However, it might be possible only due to proper planning, scheduling and organizing of the ideas and thoughts in an effective way. Otherwise, it may not be possible for the organization of Northbridge Services Group to offer efficient services to its clients thereby amplifying their trust and consistency over the brand.
Thus, it might be revealed that organizing plays a vital role thereby reducing the negative impacts of the elements of organizational design over the operation of Northbridge Services Group.
Conclusively, it might be stated that organizing plays an important role in an organization thereby streamlining its responsibilities, structure and human resources. Thus, it acts as a catalyst to enhance its operations and functions in the market among all.
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