Discuss pottery and occupation histories.

Write a 6 pages paper on pottery and occupation histories. Pottery may be studied through the use of x-ray diffraction, neutron activation analysis, or typical radiography (Renfrew and Bahn 54). These methods enable archaeologists to determine the composition and structure of the product. As a result, one may understand manufacturing and trade patterns related to the artifact, the firing and tempering techniques, intersections between pottery and other metal-based technologies, and conservation methods associated with the products.
From as far back as 4000 to 3000 BC, ancient Egyptians engaged in the production of pottery. An analysis of Egyptian pots enables one to determine Egyptian influence throughout ancient civilizations. In fact, predynastic pottery from Palestine has been examined and found to possess Nile Mud. It is thus possible to trace settlements and trade that may have occurred at this period in time.
Historians often classify Egyptian pottery into two categories. Nile silt ware and marl clay type. The former was used for utilitarian purposes and came from Nile clay. After firing these items, the product would become red-brown in color. Conversely, marl clay ware was from Upper Egypt and superior to the former. It has a somewhat shiny glaze and thus held greater value.

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Ancient Greece is one of the most significant sources of early pottery. Owing to the durability and composition of the products, individuals were able to preserve them for thousands of years. Prior to the 1050BC, The Mycenaeans occupied Greece and caused a cultural collapse similar to the dark ages of Europe (Mee and Renard 83).&nbsp.
This pottery shows archaeologists that people had settled and were comfortable enough to make their own products. The fact that they decorated them with paintings also indicated that they had&nbsp.the tools and expertise needed to make those designs. At first, geometric pottery was relatively simple but its designs got more intricate after 900BC. Human figures showed up after this period in what historians now call orientalized pottery.
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