Discuss President Barack Obama’s Speech at Cairo.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on President Barack Obama’s Speech at Cairo. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Freedom to exercise religion has resulted in a few examples of successful, stable, multicultural nations that are committed to equality and the rule of law. The United States of America has many flaws, but an unyielding commitment to freedom of religious practice and expression is not one of them. The United States of America has set the standard for the world where the free practice of religion is concerned. When President Barrack Obama visited Cairo to offer an address to the Muslim world soon after being elected president, promoting freedom of religion was a major point in his speech.
President Obama spent much of the introduction in his speech recounting the cooperation and conflicts that occurred throughout history between Muslims and Christians. He spoke eloquently and did not shy away from clearly speaking about sensitive issues such as holy wars and colonialism. He quickly framed his speech as a means of building trust and bridging gaps that had grown between Christians and Muslims. He indicated that he felt there were six main points of interest that needed to be explored through negotiations, dialogue and confidence-building measures between Muslims and Christians, or more accurately, between Muslims and The West. These six points were the threats of violent extremism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, nuclear proliferation, the establishment of democratic institutions, religious freedom and women’s rights. After speaking at length about the importance of each point, Mr. Obama put them forth as a sort of pathway towards greater understanding and reconciliation between The United States and Muslims.
The most important of these points to me personally is freedom of religion. I believe that adherence to a religion that teaches peace and tolerance will do more to improve a lot of all people around the world than governments or armies will ever be able to accomplish.&nbsp.

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