Discuss proton exchange membrane cell

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on proton exchange membrane cell Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Of critical importance in the current century is that the two technologies are a principal option in the replacement of the now-aging alkaline fuel cell technology.
Built from membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), PEMFCs are composed of a catalyst, electrolyte, gas diffusion layers and electrodes. Principally, the vital part is the TPB – triple phase boundary where the reactants, catalyst, and electrolyte merge resulting in cell reactions. Notably, the membrane should never be electronically conductive as this may result in mixing of the half-cell reactions. Preferably, operating temperatures of over 100 °C are desired for water management not to be a critical issue in cell design because of the need for the water byproduct to become steam (Hoogers, 2003:6. Yang, Z. et al., 2004:599).
Historically, a successful application was in space programmes limited to special applications affiliated with space programmes. The proton exchange membrane was extensively utilized in NASA’s Gemini spacecraft series but later on was replaced by the more convenient alkaline fuel cells (Yang, 2004:8). This was based on the fact that the materials utilized were extremely expensive, in addition to their high volatility as a result of the required utility of pure oxygen and hydrogen both highly combustible materials. Furthermore, these fuel cells often required high operating temperatures that were inconvenient for different forms of application (Hoogers, 2003:10). PEMFCs are currently regarded as a gateway to greater efficiency in various forms of applications anchored on environmentally friendly and advanced production of power (Yang, 2004:599).

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The PEMFC utilizes a water-based acidic polymer membrane as its electrolyte with electrons that are built of platinum.
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