Discuss Recycling is beneficial in the process of environmental conservation because greenhouse gases produced by wastes contribute to climate change.

I need some assistance with these assignment. the potential of recycling in mitigating global climate change Thank you in advance for the help! Recycling is beneficial in the process of environmental conservation because greenhouse gases produced by wastes contribute to climate change (Recycling Basics, 2015). Recycling plays an important role in mitigating climate change. In the UAE recycling efforts are still minimal. This paper explores the advantage that recycling could bring to the UAE and its contribution globally hence answering the question of whether the UAE should adopt recycling to mitigate climate change and global warming or not.
Apart from the direct benefits received from recycling such as preventing toxic wastes from piling up, other benefits accrue from recycling. Solid waste production at the household level and its dumping in landfills by authorities leads to greenhouse gases emission. These greenhouse gases, such as methane and CO2, lead to global warming. They trap the heat by forming a blanket-like layer. TheUnited StatesEPA (2009) estimates that cutting back on waste production to match that in the 1990s could reduce the production of greenhouse gases. One way of achieving this is through the stepping up of the national level of recycling from its current rate of around 28% to35%. This is in contrast to just dumping the waste that leads to an increase in its contribution to global warming(EPA, 2011). This is through the anaerobic decomposition that would result.

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Anaerobic decomposition of dumped waste produces methane gas that is more potent thanCO2 (EPA, 2011). According to IPCC (2007), methane gas produced from anaerobic decomposition in landfills has far more potency than CO2 over a 20 year period. In addition, it has a more immediate short-term effect on the heat that is trapped in the atmosphere. In comparison to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, removal of methane is easier and its’ results are immediate. The removal directly connects to the reduction of landfills that result from recycling the products that are a contributor to the landfills(Watson, 2009). In a pro-recycling website with sources from the EPA and The Union OF Concerned Scientists, the author asserts the significant benefits resulting from recycling.
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