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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses religous profile report. All the next Gurus worked on the teaching of Guru Nanak and developed the faith and trust of Sikhism over next four centuries and made the religious history of approximately 400 years. Fifth Guru, who was named guru Arjan complied the first holy book of Sikhism (BBC Religion). He also established the first estate “Amritser” for Sikh Community. All ten gurus devoted their lives for the establishment of the Sikh Religion due to their efforts. Sikhism is one of the fastest growing religion in the world.
Belief about GOD: The concept of GOD in Sikhism is very clear. Sikh Community believes that there is only one GOD. He is the only creator of the entire Universe. Sikh community believes that GOD has not any specific gender. In addition, they believe that GOD can be accessed by everyone (BBC Religion).
Equality: Equality is one the major beliefs of Sikhism. Teachers of Sikhism state that all the human beings are equal. All people have the same rights. None has any priority over other (kwintessential.co.uk).

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Other Beliefs: Sikhism aims to make the environment peaceful. Sikhism states that the truth is the key of all virtues. The religion encourages that truth and justice is a key for a peaceful life. The Sikhism also state that if a person wants to feel the pure feelings to GOD, then he must switch his attention from all other material things to only one GOD. That is the only way in which human achieves the maximum level of liberation. In addition, the teachings of the Guru Nanak also state that GOD does not have a gender and cannot be understood by everyone easily. Love and worship is the only way to know the real means of GOD. Sikhs believe that their own souls and hearts are the best tools to find the GOD. Sikhs believe that they can feel the real pleasure and travel on the way of liberation by avoiding certain things such as lust, anger, pride and attachment to the things in this world.
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