Discuss rock and roll music history in asia

I need some assistance with these assignment. rock and roll music history in asia Thank you in advance for the help! Many of the music historians guess the origins of rock music back in the year 1954. According to them, it was the phase when the new form of music called “Rock and Roll” surfaced and revolted musical trends. The younger generation was happened to be most affected by this new form of music. Rock and Roll music changed the entire world of music and gave new waves of rhythms (Allen 54).
This new form of music, of course, did not originate in isolation but was an outcome from the union of two musical forms. These two forms were Rhythm Blues and Country, along with a vista of technological enhancements that developed an innovative beginning of a music market. Similar to Jazz, Rhythm, and Blues created from the musical form called the Blues. The Blues were actually getting its concept and origin from African spirituality and work records sung by the African-Americans living in the South. One of the greatest creators in the 1950s of the Rock music, Little Richard has mostly expressed that Rhythm and Blues had an offspring and it was known as Rock and Roll. He was definitely right, and numerous eminent artists of Rock and Roll were also part of the origination of the music form. Among many of them, there were Muddy Waters, Joe Turner, Ray Charles, and Willie Mae Thornton. Initially, the rock and roll became admired in small clubs and on the radio.
Afterward, with the introduction of some famous radio programs, teenagers were able to enjoy their favorite bands on television. Although, not everyone was enthusiastic about this form of music. The majority of the parents didn’t appreciate the evocative dancing, wayward lyrics, and piercing, fast beats (Gill 102).

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A little time earlier, specifically during the 40s and 50s, rhythm and blues were also growing. Initiated primarily in rural areas, the blue created its way into the urban cities.
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