Discuss science as one of the forms of religion.

Need an research paper on science as one of the forms of religion. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Thus, can be considered to be a high priest since he links most of the scientific concepts while explaining them through the use of religious ideas.
It can be argued that irrational social factors have acted as an influence for most of the things that include science and religion2. For instance, since the universe has a beginning and an end, it also has a creator. This is in the effort to sociologically relate different behavior in the universe to their causes and effects of actions that happen in the past, present, and the future. According to sociology, there is always a need to formulate various hypotheses for general empirical processes. Such hypothesis will no longer be the case when science becomes a religion on its own, it will provide answers to all the processes in the world3. Therefore, there will be no need to relate any of the processes to their cause or effects as all the steps will be made fully understandable4.
Given that hypothesis links mysterious concepts in science with religion without having to open a bible or to visit a priest, it shows scientific activities are religions5. According to Hawkins they only require that you have the knowledge of God to understand them. Thus science can be considered a religion since it is through the application of religious facts that individuals are able to understand the world as a network of material causes that are made in a way to impact each other. Although this explanation does not match that sophisticated form that is offered by scientists it offers an idea of what the earth is in general term6. It is because of this therefore that science can be considered as a religion since it can explain most of the spectacular and extraordinary states on its own without necessitating individuals and especially the layman to seek supernatural and divine answers for the same. There is no need to have this kind of hypothesis to provide an explanation of why and how things happen.

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