Discuss Sectarians’ Opinion on the Dinosaurs’ Origin.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Sectarians’ Opinion on the Dinosaurs’ Origin. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As can be seen from the account of creation, dinosaurs have not been created by God.&nbsp. Therefore, they do not and have never existed.&nbsp. These dinosaurs are therefore a product of Satan and a test of our faith in God and his creation of our world.&nbsp. In believing the accounts in the Bible, we are therefore led to believe that the accounts in the Bible are a lie and that God does not even exist.&nbsp. Those who believe in this concept of dinosaur bones being the work of Satan, also point out how the different scientific theories contradict their faith (Warren, 1995).&nbsp. One of these theories is that Satan uses such dinosaurs in order to confuse young Christians about their faith and to turn their faith away from God.&nbsp. When these young Christians go to school and learn about these dinosaurs, they also eventually turn away from God and from the teachings of the Bible.
Some Christians believe that the dinosaurs are not part of God’s creation because man cannot coexist with these creatures.&nbsp. In the end, man would end up being eaten by these dinosaurs.&nbsp. It is therefore difficult to conceptualize the idea of these dinosaurs actually roaming our earth (Trussville, 2008).&nbsp. Their existence has mostly been proven through fossils and not much else.&nbsp. Proof of their existence beyond the realm of such fossils is impossible to place in a firm footing of believability.&nbsp. The best conclusion which can, therefore, be drawn is to disbelieve the existence of dinosaurs and consider them as works of Satan.&nbsp. For those who have a strong faith in God and the teachings of the Bible, it would be easier for them to believe that dinosaurs never existed even with proof to the contrary (Trussville, 2008).&nbsp. Instead, the crucial belief is for the support in God’s existence and of God’s creation as narrated in the Bible.&nbsp. Beyond such teachings and theories from scientists and other so-called experts is all part of Satan’s work.&nbsp. The true believer would shun these concepts and reject these to be inaccurate and tempting tests of faith.&nbsp. Dinosaurs never existed because their existence contradicts the existence of God and the existence of his work of creation.&nbsp.
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