Discuss should electoral college be replaced.

Need an research paper on should electoral college be replaced. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Since there is proportional representation of the states in the Electoral College, this institution becomes able to safeguard the interests of people living in the small states. Using this system, for a person to become the President of the United States he/she needs not only to be popular among the majority of the citizens but also should be popular in a vast number of the states. He/she, therefore, have to campaign in all states irrespective of the size or population in those states. However, due to the proportionate aspect of electoral votes’ distribution, it is still more important for a presidential candidate to emphasize the states with the majority of electoral votes.
According to Medvic (2009), this system confers legitimacy to the presidential candidate in large measures, since it does not require only the winner of the rough majority of votes but also exaggerates the margin of victory. According to this system, the winner of a presidential election is determined by all the states. This gives him/her the power to exercise his/her authority across all states and, since our government is federal, promotes the coordination between the state and the national government, thus, improving governance.
When using this system, despite the voter turnout in a state, the electoral votes in the Electoral College always remain the same. Therefore, this system helps in addressing the discrepancies of voter turnout among all the states (Drachman & Langman, 2008). This helps to shield an electoral process against factors that might influence or hinder voter turnout in particular states. It also ensures that no presidential candidate is favored or disfavored by a particular voter turnout in a certain state in comparison to other states.

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Another reason why we should continue with the Electoral College is the protection it offers from the deceased or inappropriate candidates.
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