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Need an research paper on sleeping disorder. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The issue of sleep disorder has been affecting individuals for a long time period and in this regard, the appropriately identified causes for this disorder include increasing workload along with multiple other external or internal factors such as depression, stress, anxiety and social isolation among others. Multiple therapies, theories and medication techniques are developed with the aim of diagnosing and minimizing the impact of this disorder on the life as well as the social surrounding of an individual having the problem of sleep disorder.
The sleep disorder is described as a medical disorder associated with sleep pattern. There are different forms of sleep disorder which include insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and cataplexy. The issues related to sleep disorder have been in existence within multiple cultures and societies since a long period of time. Moreover, due to the lack of appropriate treatment and awareness, sleeping disorder during the middle age period often considered as some sort of demonic possession for the people. It gradually resulted in deteriorating the health conditions of the victimized individuals. Multiple instances occurred when individuals suffering from the disorder were even identified to be abolished from society and were forced to live a life of misery and insult (Unite for Sight, n.d.).
However, by the end of the 1840s, multiple mental health care facilities were established within all the 32 states of the United States of America (US), where patients suffering from sleeping disorder and other sorts of mental illness were treated under the supervision of effective and appropriate medical staffs. The medical facilities were subjected to multiple criticisms related to the violation of human rights (Unite for Sight, n.d.).

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In this regard, the discussion provides a brief understanding of sleep disorder and its history. The later part of the discussion comprises contents regarding the types of psychological theories that have been established for diagnosing and treating the disorder.
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