Discuss Solving the Garbage Problem.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Solving the Garbage Problem. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.
This is not the solution to the problem and we need to do more. In an average year, people are throwing away two billion tons of garbage. This includes everything from human waste to paper and plastics. Although the world is talking about recycling garbage the truth is that many of the things that are recycled end up in a landfill because there are no markets for it to be recycled. This action is causing major problems with the atmosphere and it helps global warming continue. We need to think beyond recycling because so much is being thrown away.
Martin Medina studied trash across the world and found that China was the largest producer of garbage. He suggests that to cope with this growth China would have to build 1,400 landfills and they would have to spend eight times as much on waste management by the year 2020. Although this may seem somewhat outrageous, the United States may not be in any better shape. Today Americans recycle more garbage than they did twenty years ago and about 15 million people depend on recycling to make their living.

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This makes no sense to me because recycling is supposed to be something “good” to do and yet it is still not effective.Marks and Howden comment that plastic is a very difficult product to deal with because not enough of it is getting recycled. Usually plastic ends up in the ocean. Once there, it is so durable and it is not biodegradable so it just floats on the water. This to me shows that we are not caring enough about the environment. When garbage gets into the water it can harm fish and wildlife that drink from it which translates into humans receiving the contamination because they eat the animals.
According to Rogers recycling is still a very important aspect of dealing with waste because it is a better option than burning or burying it. She says that recycling saves energy and&nbsp.helps to decrease pollution.
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