Discuss Sprint Spark as Very Powerful Long-Term Evolution Network.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Sprint Spark as Very Powerful Long-Term Evolution Network. This Sprint network new evolution is part of the Network Vision, which involved redesigning the cell towers it uses and other important aspects of the network operations (Costa, 2014).
The Sprint Spark works by combining 4G FDD-LTE at 1.9 Gigahertz (GHz) and 800 Megahertz (MHz) and the TDD-LTE at a spectrum of 2.5GHz. Sprint designed the spectrum assets, architecture and technology for the Sprint Spark in a way that enables it to deliver a seamless customer experience using devices that are tri-band wireless (Sprint, 2014). This technology is called a carrier aggregation. The carrier aggregation involves stitching together the different frequency channels or the carriers found in the radio spectrum, at different parts (Costa, 2014).
The tri-band devices were given that name due to their ability to support multiple spectrum bands, supporting the active hand-off mode of between 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz. It does this by providing a continued data session when the device is moving between the different spectrum bands (Sprint, 2014). The specific band that a wireless phone can use at any given time depends on the location of the user the applications that the user is using at the specific time (Costa, 2014).

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Sprint spark focuses particularly on the 2.5 GHz spectrum band. This is because the 2.5 GHz spectrum band enables very high data speeds that can go to as high as 1.3 gigabits/ second. Sprint redesigned spark’s network cell sites that were due to the Network Vision, which Sprint currently uses for the 2.5 GHz band (Costa, 2014).
The Sprint spark expanded its NetCracker’s OSS solutions for supporting its enhanced LTE rollout. The new level of great mobile internet experience is made possible by the next-gen wireless technology that Sprint Spark uses. NetCracker has played a major role in helping the Sprint spark be a leading-edge network in the U.S. mobile market that is highly competitive (NetCracker, 2014).
Sprint spark uses multiple antenna arrays that are combined&nbsp.with eight-receive or eight-transmit radios found at the cell site.
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