Discuss Spying on Americans by government.

Write 4 pages with APA style on Spying on Americans by government. The answer lies in one word, control (Boghosian, 34).
Dictatorial governments have always sought to have a comprehensive level of surveillance. As a result, they want to be acquainted with what is going on, who is getting-together with whom, what the conversation is about, and what they are planning. With all this, they acquire control over their people. They can discover traitors and insurgents, they can gain access to those who fight or plot against them, and they can put out the strategies of their opponents before they gather adequate momentum to cause a real effect to the country. These reasons have been central to pretty much every domineering regime all through history. It is worth noting that the competences of the Internet, in specific of Internet scrutiny, offer promises beyond the visions of the dictators of yesteryear. Nevertheless, it is not only despots who like surveillance, or reasonably, it is not just those whom we tag as ‘despots’ who like it. It is any person who necessitates more control. These are people who think that things are spinning out of control. It is those apprehensive with ‘public order’. It is those alarmed by ‘protest’. That, dejectedly, points towards all governments currently, even that in the UK (Raban 55).
John Yoo defends the NSA actions of surveillance of domestic communication by stating that the 4th amendment ought not to apply to military coupled with intelligence agencies. Furthermore, he tries to claim that the “mistakes” are healthy in any society. Therefore, law enforcements are allowed to make mistakes. This is seen when he states that local law enforcement makes these faults too. Police seek licenses for the wrong guy, implement a hunt in the wrong house, capture the wrong suspect, and even shoot defenseless suspects.

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