Discuss suicide bombing as a political tactic: effectiveness and goals

I need some assistance with these assignment. suicide bombing as a political tactic: effectiveness and goals Thank you in advance for the help! In most cases in modern warfare, a tactic is only continued if it is effective. Ineffective mission planning wastes resources and lives and will even be discontinued in the face of a damaged political image. Suicide bombers do not fit this model. Suicide bombers are driven by personal goals of self-gratification for ideals that can not be attained, and this self-centered tactic always ends in failure.
To understand the goals and effectiveness of the suicide bomber, it is helpful to place suicide in relationship to modern warfare. The Kamikaze pilots in World War II perpetrated the largest mass scale suicide attacks in history. Their targets were military installations and ships and were in many cases effective at impeding the enemy’s ability to attack. US military history is filled with the lore of the suicide mission where men need to enter a situation of certain death to accomplish the goal of the mission. Yet, these are military men with military objectives. The modern suicide terrorist has the goal of instilling random fear in the general public. In fact, “The word terrorism is derived from the Latin root terrace, which means “to frighten”. The issue of the modern suicide bomber becomes one of the effectiveness of fear and its ability to affect another country’s foreign policy, and the motivation that would drive a person to lose their lives in pursuit of a political ideal.
The motivation to commit an act of suicide bombing is almost always done to draw attention to a political situation. It has no hope of being of any strategic military importance. In almost all cases of suicide bombing, the goal is to highlight a real or perceived oppression by a foreign government.

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