Discuss terrorism emergency plan for metropolis.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic terrorism emergency plan for metropolis.
The purpose of the reactionary plan is to enable city authorities to respond as promptly as possible to an act of terrorism(Hendrickson, 2005). The first critical issue under this plan is the city and state response systems(Jiangang, Zhexiong, Bing, & Jianzhong, 2008). Terrorist acts create an environment of pressure under which authorities have to respond to an emergency. Typically, city and state responders are the first to report at the scene of a terrorist act. Usually, these responders will act under a Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) prepared by the state. These responders will take charge of the scene until FBI arrive and take over. The second critical area of the reactionary plan is the federal response system(Jiangang, Zhexiong, Bing, & Jianzhong, 2008). By their nature, most acts of terrorism are sophisticated such that left on their own, the city and the state may not manage them. The city and the state request for support from the concerned federal agency. In most terrorist acts, the federal agency involved is the FBI. Upon reporting at the scene of a terrorist act, FBI assumes jurisdiction for the emergency. In certain cases, a joint response may be necessary throughout the management of the emergency. In such a case, there has to be a Unified Command where the city responders will take orders from the state responders. The latter will, in turn, take orders from FBI. The third crucial are of the reactionary plan is the coordination among the various actors in the emergency(Jiangang, Zhexiong, Bing, & Jianzhong, 2008). The world over, many governments have mismanaged terrorist acts on account of poor or lack of coordination among the concerned responders. The United States is no exception.
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