Discuss the effect the Renaissance had on psychology.

Discuss the effect the Renaissance had on psychology. Explain how Thorndike ruled out the idea that cats could learn to escape through reasoning and imitation.How did Pavlov demonstrate the basic phenomena of conditioning, extinction, generalization, and differentiation?Discuss the trends that psychology has in the new millenniumCompare and contrast two different schools of psychology. An example would be Gestalt and Behaviorism. Describe the traditional version of the Anna O. case, what really happened, and what Freud learned from the case (or thought he learned).What are the similarities between john Locke’s empiricist ideas and John Watson’s behaviorist ideas?Compare and contrast Radical behaviorism and Cognitive Science.How did Skinners approach to science differ from Hull’s and Tolman’s?Discuss Skinner’s two “mistakes” according to Staddon in addition to Staddon’s criticism of Skinner’s argument against the “autonomous man”.

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