Discuss the enlightenment theory and rationalism

I need some assistance with these assignment. the enlightenment theory and rationalism Thank you in advance for the help! The book The Gay Science was written in the year 1882, an era when Christianity was going through a lot of reforms and revivals. It is also known as the first great awakening in America. The 18th century saw the development of Congregationalist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and new Methodist churches. The creation of Pietism in Germany also occurred in this era and is considered a part of The Great Awakening (historyworld.net, HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY). Furthermore, it was also an era of enlightenment or an era of reason. It was when the British and other European nations started to question the cultural and societal norms that were practiced regularly (history.com, enlightenment). The novel Notes from underground might have been written in response to a novel what is to be done? (1863) is a revolutionary novel written by Chernyshevsky. This era saw many authors who wrote about egoism and that life could be made perfect only by applying the concept of reasoning and enlightening our self-interest. Dostoevsky was particularly interested in the rational egoist’s theory which evolved from social liberalism in the year 1840 (Sparksnotes.com, SparkNote on Notes from Underground). Nietzsche writes against the religious reforms and revivals of the era and promotes polytheism and call Christianity as a skeptic. The main theme of the book is ‘God is dead’ which is how he mainly criticized the Christian faith (Strongreading.blogspot.com, Strong Reading: Nietzsche, Friedrich – The Gay Science, Preface, Book V). Like Nietzche, Friedrich also was against the prevailing egoism in his society which is why he wrote in response to Chernyshevsky who is considered a rational egoist (Sparksnotes.com, SparkNote on Notes from Underground).
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