Discuss the euro is political project that was doomed to failure

I need some assistance with these assignment. the euro is political project that was doomed to failure Thank you in advance for the help! The ratio of challenges and successes has determined how well the EU has accomplished its goals. Of essence in the existence of the EU has been the Euro, which is the common currency. According to Hamori and Hamori (2010), the Euro was introduced as the solitary currency for eleven countries that were part of the EU. It was the first step towards a monetary policy regulated by the European Central Bank (ECB). Since then, the number of countries using the currency has grown to nineteen, which may be considered a success. However, digging deeper into details, the opposite may be the consideration. As a result, this brings about the paper’s main agenda, which is the discussion of the Euro as a political project that was destined to fail. Several questions will be answered in the paper’s discussion. They are the meaning of a political project, if the Euro was a such a project, if it was, how and why. What does failure imply, was failure foretold in regard to the Euro, if it was, on what basis and why. Has the Euro been unsuccessful, if it has, why and in what ways is the failure associated with it being a political project?
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