Discuss the general strain theory: john wayne gacy, jr

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the general strain theory: john wayne gacy, jr Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! John Wayne Gacy was one of the serial killers in the US who have murdered and raped 33 teenage boys and men over the period of time. Most of his victims were buried in his own home whereas some of them were actually thrown into the river to discard them permanently. He was also nicknamed as Killer Clown because he would often dress like Pogo the clown in different charitable services and parties where he was a regular attendee.
A closer analysis of the life of Gacy would indicate that his inclination towards the life of crime and sex was largely influenced by the environment in which he was living. He was offered a job of manager at three KFCs by his father in law in Waterloo, Iowa and it was in Waterloo that he started to engage himself in homosexuality besides forcing teenage employees of his stores to make sex with him. (Cahil, 1986)
He was psychologically examined after his first arrest and it was concluded by the doctors that he possessed antisocial personality and that it may be difficult to fully rehabilitate him out of such behaviors. What is, however, critical to note that he was active in the community services and was also subsequently appreciated and rewarded for his community services also? Despite such behavior, he continued to commit the murder and rape of the teenage boys and other males to whom he described as male prostitutes.&nbsp.

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Overview of theory
As discussed above that the General Strain Theory is a combination of different theories and finally culminated into a broader theory with a focus on the sociology as well as the criminology. The basic postulates of the theory suggest that the social structures within society can pressure citizens to actually commit crimes and as such may result into the increased instances of the deviance and crime if society is not supportive for an individual. Robert Dubin, one of the earliest proponents of this theory outlined that the deviance is actually a function of the society and advocated to make a difference between the actual behavior of the individuals and the set of values which actually drive such behaviors.
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