Discuss The Issue of Domestic Violence.

I will pay for the following article The Issue of Domestic Violence. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In places as diverse as classrooms, courtrooms, and emergency rooms, victims and their children struggle to overcome the debilitating results of chronic violence in their homes”(Domestic violence in Hawaii.edu, 2008).
The world looks to Hawaii as a “tropical island paradise” with little worry or trouble but, the fact is that Hawaii is an ever-growing location of domestic violence. Unlike many other states, Hawaii is without a statewide coordinated database which keeps track of known abusers making it difficult to monitor those who are more likely to abuse. Hawaii actually houses 9 facilities which have been established as abuse shelters. Sadly, each and every one of these shelters filled to capacity virtually all of the time. The growing problem of Hawaii’s domestic violence epidemic is harrowing. In the area of Oahu alone, over 1,000 calls monthly are received by police, reporting domestic violence. Oahu was also reported to have had 23 domestic related fatalities within a twelve month periods in very recent years. (Domestic violence in Hawaii.edu, 2008).
The services available to help those suffering from domestic violence are extremely limited as the cases of violence far outweigh the availability of services and recourses. It is not uncommon for court calendars to have continuous backlogging on cases of domestic violence and services that provide counseling to abuse victims often have extremely long waiting lists. This is mostly in the cases of those who have been victims of physical abuse and violence.&nbsp.

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