Discuss The Life and Death of Socrates.

I will pay for the following article The Life and Death of Socrates. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This is part of the reason that Socrates upset so many people back in Athens to the degree that they would want to put him to death.
Of course, this did not matter to Socrates. It only mattered to him that he challenged people to continue to think about their own lives, what they believed in, and how they came about what they believed in. The point of philosophy is to attempt to examine the life and all of its various aspects to as high a degree as possible, and Socrates continued to do so in the face of his own death. It was not really even a choice to Socrates. to choose to not examine one’s own life and to challenge people to examine their own life would not really even be living, and if this was the only option available to Socrates, to be put to death or to not be truly living, Socrates chose to what he felt was the right path and did nothing to keep from being put to death. This how his death personified philosophy.
(2) I am choosing to both attack and defend the claim that knowledge of Socrates’ life is of no use to us in our own day. First, I am going to point out the fact that there are millions of people that probably haven’t heard of Socrates, yet they are able to lead their lives perfectly well without any serious repercussions. Many of these countries, not to be considered ignorant or less intelligent, have their own great thinkers who do not come from the Western tradition. If these people don’t have any need for the knowledge of Socrates, it is obvious that this knowledge, to some degree, is not of the utmost value.

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Second, in defending the claim, I am going to point out that there are millions of people who are living in poverty who struggle on a daily basis just to survive.
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