Discuss The using of 3Tesla in Clinical Settings.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The using of 3Tesla in Clinical Settings. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Some complicated procedures such as diffuse tensor imaging (DTI) and MRI spectroscopy can also be administered easily with 3T (Haines & Quaddy, 2010, pp1-3). There is a scope of using many RF coils array for faster image processing in 3T.
Fundamental physics of MRI and nuclear spin
Here is a glance at the fundamental physics of MRI and correlation with nuclear spin. A magnetic field is a force generated by electric currents or magnets. This force attracts other metallic and magnetic objects towards the area. The nucleus of the atom has magnetic properties. All the cores provide chemical information together throughout the magnetic field. Atomic chief constituents are proton, electron, and neutron. They start revolving in angular momentum. This is called nuclear spin. This spin is suggestive of the direction of movements in the magnetic field (James, 1998, pp1-31. Machann, Schlemmer&Schick, 2008, pp63-70).

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&nbsp.When two atoms come together in pair, they do not demonstrate a spin. However, in some nuclei, there is an uneven number of protons and neutrons. These types of seats will have intrinsic angular momentum. In other incidences, when the unpaired nuclei spins are put in the magnetic field, the heart and surrounding area’s magnetic field reacts with each other. These reactions are explained with Larmour frequency equations (James, 1998, pp1-31. Machann et al., 2008, pp63-70).
These nuclei momentums align either parallel or anti-parallel with the surrounding magnetic field based on quantum physics law. Hence, this creates energy difference among the spins that, in turn, allows transition in between the states. The nucleus consumes energy and goes into the excitement phase and further resting or relaxation phase. This relaxation period is essential for calculation. It indicates that any system requires equal time to go into the palliative phase after an exciting phase throughout the magnetization. The total sum of the energy from every step transition is equated along with signal spatial frequency domain and spin density. This signal from spatial frequency is expressed into density in real place for the formation of MRI image (James, 1998, pp1-31. Machann et.al., 2008, pp63-70).
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