Discuss venezuela.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic venezuela. Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez About Chavez Leftist politics continue to control the politics of Latin America as observed with election of Hugo Chavez in 1999. Chavez was good kid who joined the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences where he underwent training of becoming a disciplined officer. However, he still encountered the hard poverty affecting the working class that increased his decision to get social justice for all citizens. Consequently, he participated actively in the communal activities to know with the realities of Venezuelans while still playing softball and basketball. Similarly, his like for reading and writing intensified as he engaged in texts of Marxist revolutionaries such as Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar.
After becoming president, Chavez embarked on social reforms. These included seeking for 20,000 trained personnel from Cuba who comprised of educators and medics in exchange for oil. Unfortunately, even with social and economic benefits, on April, 2002, a few military officers organized a coup to overthrow Chavez and later succeeded. The new leader was later opposed by the masses that brought Chavez back to power. This forced him to moderate some of his radical decisions of dismissing the board of directors in oil.
Illness and Death
The illness of Chavez becomes a major issue for a long time. This prompted him to announce to his country of the need to undergo operation to remove cancerous cells in his system. However, the efforts and those of his team did not help matters. Two years later, on March, 2013, the vice-president announcing the death of Hugo Chavez.
Best Things He Did
Chavez is widely remembered as a socialist and radical president who put Venezuela on the international map in terms of progressive economy. This resulted to differences with the US that labeled a place for terrorists especially in its War on Terror.
Hugo Chavez
His Life
Hugo Chavez is a leftist Marxist who became president in 1999 with sweeping popularity. In collaboration with Latin American leaders such as Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva of Brazil, Chavez performed his pledges and promises of using Venezuela’s oil to achieve beneficial economic guidelines. Chavez arose from a poverty-stricken family, Catholic, but moderately happy where he improved his hobbies that included writing, drawing, and playing baseball. He also adopted strong political ideas.
The presidency of Chavez championed the banning of the neoliberal economic policies that had resulted to bad inflation. As a result, the economy dropped significantly and the urgency for a regime change increased. Chavez became president and made big reforms in the social and economical structures of the country. He started constitutional reforms to give the citizens an opportunity to vote out corrupt leaders. Under his presidency, he also increased his ideological relationship with Cuba to supply them with 53,000 barrels of oil daily within preferential rates.
Illness and Death
Chavez first made a televised announcement of his cancer in 2011 when hospitalized in Havana, Cuba. He explained the need for the removal of a tumor that had cancerous cells, but still increased his commitment to lead. However, his illness continued to worsen as the president refused to reveal about his cancer to public. Eventually, on March, 2013, Chavez succumbed to his cancer.
Best Things He Did
In Venezuela and around the world, Chavez is remembered for several good things he did. For example, he was a tough opponent of America’s control and imperialistic tendencies. He equally condemned the traditional rich men for making the world poor. Chavez corrected this problem by giving citizens independence to vote out corrupt leaders. Additionally, he introduced strict oil regulations policies to reduce the control of cartels.
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